Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Saving the World -- Part Deux

How learning to read the signs of the times could move the goal within reach.

Ok ladies and gents, I hope you have begun applying the ideas of the previous entry to your lives. You may have had to make some painful admissions about the people you interact with, sometimes even those closest to you. Pehaps when you really started to see the reality of the actions of these people, you may have wondered just who they are, when you find that what you thought they were and what they really do and think don't match up. Or if you've really been working, you may have stumbled onto some painful truths about yourselves. The test here is whether you faced them, or ran back to the comforting illusions we all would rather hang onto about ourselves.

With each little piece of accurate information (within or without) you may have found ways to bring your life into a little more orderlines and stability. You may have understood that the crowd you hung out with on weekends isn't "fun", just draining of your time and money. It could be as simple as realizing that if you left five minutes earlier in the morning, you arrive at work in a better temper because you aren't stressed about possibly being late. It is getting to know yourself and what is the best and worst in you, and (I hope) choosing to epress the best you are able as much as possible. The goodwill you bring to your workplace can ripple out with more conseqences than you can imagine. Remember the idea of the flapping butterfly who could cause a hurricane. Everything affects and is affected by everything on this big blue marble.

So lets get on to some bigger ideas. If doing your best to see the truth on small scale can make some differnence, what about a larger field? This is where it gets scary, because it means that much of what you believed about say, your political views, or religious affiliation, or cherished historical ideas may get bruised or even trashed. Some call it shooting your sacred cows. The acid test for your subject is the same regardless of scale. Do the person/organization/government's words and actions LINE UP???

Now, this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, but it is amazing how riled up folks can get when you have the bad taste to point out the odd occasion where there may be a problem. Remember how the gov. was going to get to the bottom of how 9-11 happened? Then it stonewalled the hearings for at least a year and not only did no one get fired, but a few got promoted. Then there's another lovely little piece of common-sense disconnect called the Pentagon crash. It is amazing to me how many people can look at these photos or these and still believe a honkin' big 757 hit that building. And don't get me started on the "cell phone call" which was made before the technology was even available on commercial airlines.

Now comes an even more advanced exercise in discernment. Even those who purport to be digging for the "truth" can be double- and triple-crossing us and each other, even though it can be unconsciously done. At the very least they can be leading our attention away from the central points. Here is snip from a analysis of one of the more prominant 9-11 researchers, Mike Ruppert.

"Ruppert has been making alternative news headlines for the past few months over two issues: the flack he has been taking, and giving, in a war of words with several high profile 9-11 investigators, and the issue of "Peak Oil". Quite often the two controversies are related.

It all began, it seems, with another 9-11 investigator, Dick Eastman, and some comments that he made about Ruppert's focus, or lack thereof, on the Pentagon attack and the evidence for the "no plane" scenario. Ruppert, true to his apparent love of litigation, threatened to sue Eastman, which, not being the most diplomatic response, got Eastman all flustered and the games were on."

I heartily recommend reading the entire article. It is an excellent example of how one apparently "critical" situation can be employed to distract from a much more important but inconvenient one for the Powers that Be (PTB for short).

If you are any sort of esotericist, you will know the phrase "As above, so below. As below, so above". If we are terrible at seeing the truth in our own lives , it is certain that we will not see it accurately in larger things. So we work hard and practice in small places. But if we want to make that leap, to As Above, we must learn to discern on a larger scale. The few examples above are a place to start. The world is as rich today with lies as it has ever been. They cry out to be named for what they are, if only to yourself in the beginning . When you have truly SEEN them for what they are, you will know what you need to do about it.

Pick a place and get started.

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