Thursday, September 29, 2005

And So It Has Come To This

Honest dissent has now become terrorism . . . .

An 82 year old man feebly voices the word "nonsense" when Home
Secretary Jack straw stated that there was only one reason that the UK was in
Iraq. He and another man who came to his aid were then "manhandled"
out of the building. The 82 year old was then held under recently-passed
anti-terrorism laws to prevent him from re-entering the building.

Story here. See the video here:

The PTB jumped on this one fast. See here how the story has morphed into this frail man "shouting" (being unruly and disruptive to the esteemed secretary) and so maybe "had it coming". In any case a mealy mouthed apology has been offered. No word on when the stewards of the Labour Party will start wearing brown shirts.

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