Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Freedom of Speech? Only IF We Like What You Say

And if we, don't, we will hire some high-price, high power insider lawyer with connection to put you out of business. Don't ask us how we can do this with no visible means of income. We'll just sic him on you too. Check out this Blog and this Forum.

If you value true Freedom Of Speech, support exposing this attempt to stifle it. Spread far and wide the knowledge of the tactics used against those who defend the truth, the OBJECTIVE TRUTH, of the state of our world today. Read and learn for yourself!

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Signs of the Times for Wed, 22 Mar 2006

Signs Under Attack! EXPOSED!!!

Some of you may have noticed that Signs of the Times was down three times today. This was a result of threats by's attorney to our website host. It seems that finally could no longer stand the negative attention they were getting from our exposure of them as a probable CoIntelPro operation, initially in the form of Joe Quinn's article:

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11 - and Neither Did a Boeing 757

which was an analysis of the "catherder" article on which essentially was support for Bush and the Neocon's conspiracy theory about the events of September 11.

After removing this "offending material", we published the letter from's attorney on our forum. Within FIVE minutes, the Signs page was taken down again by the website host. When we called our server to ask "what now," we were informed that's attorney had called again and was claiming that in the five minutes the forum posting was up, he had already received death threats because we had published his name and location! (which, incidentally, is freely available on the web.) We were forced to remove that information also. It seems that's attorney is also well-versed in the tactics of CoIntelPro.

As anyone who is familiar with copyright law knows, our rebuttal of the 'Catherder' article is perfectly legal under standard copyright law. However,, like Bush and the Neocons, make up their own laws and enforce them with intimidation and bogus threats from their 'hired-gun' attorney. As Laura has chronicled on her blog,'s urgent demands that we remove this article because it was a violation of their "creative commons" copyright was absurd and simply evidence of their position as an active cointelpro/psy-ops propagator on the internet. It isn't copyrights that is concerned about, it is google bombing and running psy-ops. And now, they have proven it.

This action also is highly suggestive of the idea that the Pentagon issue is a LOT more sensitive than anyone has thus far suspected! Do take note of THAT!

We hope that everyone who reads this will spread this information far and wide because these people are covert Bush supporters, Cyber Nazi Brown Shirts.

Don't worry, there will be lots more information on this matter available soon and we will keep our readers updated. Check back regularly, and it will help a LOT if you can find some spare change to put in the legal defense kitty.

Thanks from the SOTT Team.

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