Thursday, June 08, 2006

COINTELPRO Primer 202 - Dealing with What Can Happen

As always, the best defense against a pathocrat is to expose far and wide the underhanded tactic used to intimidate and cow his victim.

The only way this despicable example of a lawyer's "muscle letter" can work is to scare the target into silence. The best (sometimes the only) counteraction is to be anything but.

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Jeff Rense Retains Lawyer; Uses Coercion and Intimidation
by Lisa Guliani

After the publication of an article that I wrote for WING TV entitled Jeff Rense: A Reinvention of What?, we now have official confirmation that Jeff Rense has retained the services of a lawyer who is resorting to coercion and intimidation tactics in trying to pressure Patricia Smullin (owner of KOBI-TV in Oregon) into reversing herself by signing a pre-scripted statement in order to avoid a potential "defamation lawsuit."

In fact, this is what Attorney-at-Law Eugene V. Anderson wrote in a letter dated May 31, 2006 in which he wants Ms. Smullin to actually sign a statement that he himself wrote and SCRIPTED for her in advance. The next three paragraphs are what Jeff Rense's legal gun "suggests" that Ms. Smullin write and sign:

"You had virtually no day to day contact with Mr. Rense during his tenure at KOBI-TV where he worked under the then news director, Alan Goldberg, as an anchor/director, from May 1983 to June 1984. While at KOBI Mr. Rense worked extremely hard, producing, writing, and anchoring both the 6-7 and the 11 pm newscasts, Monday through Friday. Mr. Rense was a superb anchor/producer and he earned KOBI an Arbitron rating for his newscasts of a 53 point share, which is unprecedented in our station's history.

I categorically deny the quotations attributed to me in the article titled "Jeff Rense: A Reinvention of What?" by Lisa Guliani. I deny stating that Jeff Rense is a 'compulsive liar'. I deny stating that Jeff Rense is 'not known for his honesty.'

I deeply regret the totally untrue statements attributed to me in the article, and I hereby issue a heartfelt, formal and public apology to Mr. Rense. I personally have a great deal of professional respect for Jeff Rense."

To read Attorney Anderson’s entire letter, click here:
Jeff Rense Lawyer (page one)
Jeff Rense Lawyer (page two)

Now remember, Ms. Smullin didn't write a single word above; Jeff Rense's lawyer did! And, of course, if Ms. Smullin ever signs this SCRIPTED statement (that she didn't even write), then Jeff Rense (by dangling the threat of a defamation lawsuit in her face) would publish it on his website and pull a bait-and-switch in a transparent attempt to discredit my article. But as can be seen from the SCRIPT, his underhanded tactic has now been exposed.

Jeff Rense: Mr. Insider

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