Sunday, November 19, 2006

JFK: Looking Back

I was 6 years old and just started grade one the year John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered. A nun came onto our bus as all us were leaving for home, and asked us to say a prayer for his soul. I think she was crying. Though we were all so young, somehow I think most of us knew that something truly fateful had happened; catastrophic beyond the loss of a charismatic leader.

So apparently did France. In 1968 a book by "James Hepburn" appeared called Farewell America. From the introduction to the first excerpt:
Farewell America is pretty well accepted to have been authored by the French equivalent of our CIA, and based on hard intelligence gathered from French, Russian, and even American sources. It was originally published in French in 1968, but it was unavailable in the United States for many years. With the coming of the worldwide web, it became available and I truly wish that every American citizen would read it.
Laura Knight-Jadczyk has extracted the most telling sections of this report in a seven-part series on her blog. Interwoven with these quotes are comments and analysis based on the knowledge we have since gained of how psychopathic personalities and ponerized organizations operate. If only Kennedy had had this understanding. Things may have been so different today.

The first post in the series on John F. Kennedy is entitled "The Debris of History."

The second is The Gladiator: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The third installment discusses the question: Is the Bush family implicated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? The French Intelligence unit has some interesting answers.

The fourth part discusses JFK's ideas for improving society and the forces working against him: Sim City and John F. Kennedy

Fifth is a discussion of "John F. Kennedy and All Those "isms". How did he really deal with capitalism, communism, socialism, and let's not forget, fascism?

Further illumination of this great man:

John F. Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, Organized Crime and the Global Village JFK had a grasp of the concept of the Global Village long before it became a wide-spread idea. Problem was, orgainzed crime liked things the way they were.

John F. Kennedy and the Psychopathology of Politics 'nuff said. The insights we have now regarding pyschopathy could have made a big difference to how Kennedy conducted policy.

"John F. Kennedy and the Pigs of War" discusses John F. Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs invasion. It may be that he was set up by forces within the government in bed with organized crime.

John F. Kennedy and the Titans. His attempt to bring the common people back into the political equation. A choice quote:
To his adversaries, President Kennedy's economic policies appeared to be inspired entirely by a concern for public welfare to which they were fundamentally opposed.
Who since has fought for us? Who can take up his goals but us?

A series to both sadden and inspire.

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