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From the Signs of the Times new feature BEST OF THE WEB:

Perle: Bush Will Green Light Iran Attack

Kurt Nimmo
Another Day In The Empire
Mon, 22 Jan 2007 16:14 EST

Richard Perle, more accurately referred to by his moniker, the Prince of Darkness, tells us from Herzliya, Israel, that Bush will eventually give the order to kill Iranians. [" uuuhhh, they's almost the same as them eye-rakians, ain't they? . . . . guess that's jes' fahn then. It'll lern 'um some demokracy."]

"If all options were exhausted in the attempt to stop the Iranian nuclear project, and US military involvement was needed for a successful strike on Tehran, US President George Bush would give the green light for the operation, former director of the US Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, Richard Perle, told the Herzliya Conference on Sunday evening," reports Yedioth Internet.

Perle may fool a few Israelis, even more than a few Americans, those who bother to notice, but for the rest of us, those who have followed this gang of criminals for nearly five years, he is simply blowing smoke out of a certain orifice.

Asked if Bush and the neocons would "do it," that is engage in mass murder, Perle responded, "I think that until the day he leaves office, this is a president that, if he is told, 'Mr. President, you are at the point of no return,' I have very little doubt that this president would order the necessary military action."

The Prince of Darkness would have us believe the "point of no return" is Iran armed to the teeth with nukes, a demonstrable fairy tale. In fact, Bush's "point of no return" is the day he leaves office, failing to accomplish the neocon plan of sowing ruin and chaos in the Middle East.

"Perle expressed astonishment at the lack of support granted by the West to Iranian opposition movements who wish to overthrow the regime of the Ayatollahs," the Israeli news site continues. "I'm not convinced that we have a lot of time. Given the peril that would result, its astonishing to me that we do not now have a serious political strategy with Iran.... If we continue on our current course, we have only a military option. So what I'm urging, and this should have happened a very long time ago, is that we make a serious effort to work with the internal (Iranian) opposition."

Of course, for Perle, the Israel First neocons, and the Likudniks in Israel, the idea of subverting an Islamic government from within is natural as rain. Indeed, Israel has messed with its neighbors since the Zionists state was established - after running off a large number of Palestinian Arabs and stealing their land - a historical fact evinced by the Lavon Affair, the Mossad's framing of Libya for the LaBelle Disco bombing, the attack on the USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171, the botched assassination of U.S. ambassador John Gunther Dean in Lebanon, and Israel's connection to the Abu Nidal Organization, to name a few.

As well, the CIA and Pentagon are no strangers to attacking, subverting, undermining and overthrowing governments, as they have a long and sordid track record beginning in the late 1940s, following up on more than a hundred years of interventions, from the Philippines in 1899 to Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, even the Soviet Union near Vladivostok during the Bolshevik revolution, right up to the present day.

Naturally, Perle understands full well any effort to "work with the internal opposition" in Iran is doomed to failure, as this opposition consists basically of the son of the late Shah, Reza Pahlavi, who lives in exile in Virginia, and a scattering of other groups, including Mojahedin-e-Khalq, a terrorist organization involved in killing Iranian civilians. Perle actually expects us to believe the people of Iran will support the butchers of MEK or reinstall a monarch, the son of a dictator who unleashed SAVAK, a particularly brutal secret police, on the people of Iran for over three decades. [so much for the reality-creating neocons]

In fact, Perle and the neocons are impatiently waiting for Bush to attack Iran, as their plan is to destroy Iranian society, not free the Iranian people from the mullahs. Perle, like a demented carnival barker, is setting the stage, telling us Bush will "do it," when in fact the neocons will, as Bush is little more than a trained monkey from an elite family that made its way in the world after rubbing elbows with Nazis

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