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The Lonesome Death of the American Dream

Thanks to Smoking Mirrors for this powerful essay. Thanks to the Signs of the Times for posting it.. If you are at all curious has to how we got to this place, which has been visited by so many civilisations before (we're not speshul folks, despite Shrub's reassurances), then you can do no better than to read Ponerology. Educate yourself about psychopaths. It's up to you

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Les Visible
Smoking Mirrors
Fri, 03 Aug 2007 19:10 EDT

As bad as we know it is; two terms of an unelected psychopathic stooge in the presidency, a murderous assault on home ground by the very government empowered to protect the people against it, the daily erosion of personal freedom, the trashing of the economy, the banal vomit inducing entertainments, the collective efforts of disinfo agents who present themselves as truthseekers, the cowardly opposition party crawling backwards in estrus toward the dark side, the control of American foreign policy by a foreign government and the enormous human suffering it has all brought about... as bad as it all is, it just keeps getting worse.

The worst part of all the evils presently operating under diplomatic immunity and protected by SWAT-bot forces of true believer enforcement agencies is what is happening to The Laws of the Land. America was a nation of laws. You may think it is the police and the army that protects you. You may think God is watching over America. You may have the idea that The Second Amendment provides you with a catastrophe backup and... there... there... is the area I want to visit today; no, not The Second Amendment but that of which it is a part.

The most serious danger you face is not from terrorists, crazed gun nuts, or even your poor discipline about what you eat and your reluctance to exercise. The first two are minor possibilities akin to being struck by lightning. The second is a real concern but more of a long term thing. Your most serious danger is what is happening to your laws; to the basic foundation of your rule of law. And this, this is what is intended by those who are determined to and engaged in the effort to enslave you.

It is your laws that determine how and where and when the military will act; how the police will act. It is your laws that determine whether agents of the law can drag you from your homes in the middle of the night. It is your laws that allow for you to be beaten by agents of the law for flying a flag up side down on your front porch. It is your laws that determine whether you can be shoved around, denied the right of assembly and generally messed with whenever they want to mess with you. Where are the laws that go into force when those who enforce the law are breaking the law? Where is the process that should be automatic that deters the abuse of the law by those empowered to defend it? Where is this thing that isn't working as I type these words?

You don't wake up one morning in a concentration camp and then wonder what happened. You were supposed to see the steps in the process. You were supposed to say something. You were supposed to get together with your neighbors and make a whole helluva lot of noise. You should have been smart enough to see all the manufactured events that led to all of the laws that were being designed to protect you from the imaginary threats being drummed up by those who were empowered to protect you and which wound up stripping you of your basic rights.

You should have wondered at the missing ballots in Ohio. You should have wondered at the yo-yo terror alerts. You should have wondered at the endless string of lies that justified all the horror and bloodshed and... you should have done something. You should have been part of a greater movement of citizens who gathered by the thousands and tens of thousands in parks and community centers and commercial areas and demanded that these ruthless profiteers and traitors be held accountable. You should have all refused to go to work. A nation that refuses to go to work WILL bring down the government. An informed public is a safe public and so... you should have wondered and you should have wondered aloud. You would have found that most everyone else was wondering too. Meanwhile you got fatter and shorter and more stupid until, one day, you couldn't remember when it first was that you dropped down on to all fours and forgot to get back up. You forgot when the last time you spoke a human language was. Now you make these animal sounds and no one can understand what you are saying.

Is this the way it is? Is America a nation of sheep? One poll after another show that you believe by a wide majority that 9/11 was an Inside Job, one poll after another show that you have no confidence in your leaders, one poll after another show that you want the U.S. out of Iraq, one poll after another show that you know, you think, you feel... that a whole lot of things have gone wrong. And one day after another your leaders on both sides of the aisle show that there's only one side of the aisle filled with milling opportunists and professional liars.

All of this comes down to an agenda driven core of merciless psychopaths who are agents of a foreign power. These PNAC/AIPAC vampire overlords in cahoots with the multinational corporations own the media that informs you of what to believe, even though you don't believe it. Unless you band together and shout from the rooftops and refuse to turn the wheels of the machine, you are lost. Don't blame me. Don't blame fate. Don't blame the immigrants. Don't blame the weather. Blame yourselves. Shut it down now.

Look at this people. Use your freaking reason. Use your minds - look at this and listen to what the BBC says about what cannot be explained away, no matter what sort of BS they employ. And yeah, The UK is also in the hands of the same people who are doing the same thing to you.

Look at this people and look at who is behind this presentation. Could it be more clear? Do I have to grab you by the back of the neck and rub your face in it and scream at you to tell me what you smell? Is it the buffet on the table that you smell? Is it your own fear that you smell which convinces you that you had better convince yourself that you don't smell anything at all? Wake the Hell up.

Now you want to run around like Chicken Little because some bridge fell down in Minnesota and a handful of people died? More people are dying in the Egyptian desert right now than went down off of that bridge and they don't have to die. They are being murdered. Yeah, let's all just wring our hands for awhile about a bridge collapse and then we won't notice that much larger numbers of people are dying every single day because your country is in the hands of agents of a foreign power.

History repeats itself. It's doing it right now. Very few Germans were active Nazi's. They only needed a few. It's easy to accomplish once you control the law-making process and thereby those who enforce the law. It's enough to intimidate a village if you imprison or kill a few of the residents. You can always then count of a portion of the rest of the village to enforce further atrocity just so they can avoid it themselves. Human nature isn't a virtue.

You had better start holding your leaders accountable. You had better start taking responsibility for what happens in your name or you soon won't even have a name, you'll have a number. You had better get about it today. Now is the hour. Let me hear the sound of millions of voices raised in protest. Let me hear the sound of silenced machines. Let me see stalled cars and empty trains and buses and airplanes. Let me see empty malls and empty amusement parks.

Then... let us collectively listen to the anguished screams of the corporations as they gasp for breath. It doesn't matter what it may cost in the short term. It doesn't matter if some of us must die if it means that freedom shall continue after. Many before us have paid the price. You 'had' what you had because they did.

Something for you to listen to.


SadButTrue said...

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- President Abraham Lincoln

I really think that American values are under a greater threat now than they were in the time of the Civil War. The threat is greater simply because people are unwilling to confront the corporate powers who are dismantling democracy.

Blue Ibis said...

Hey SBT,

Thanks for your comment. I think one of the reasons for fear is that people can't quite comprehend what they are up against. This is where the knowledge of psychopathy becomes crucial. You can't get around a system that you don't understand, and you can't understand a system that was devised by a mentality that is completely different from normal people. People untroubled by empathy or a sense of conscience can do the horrible things we see around us without a second thought. It's all games and game-theory for them. A cost-benefit analysis. Not every psychopath is a murderer or rapist. Ken Lay was a community pillar and look what happened there.

It is crucial to educate as many people as possible. My list of "must-reads" on this subject are

In Sheep's Clothing - George Simon
The Sociopath Next Door - Martha Stout
Snakes in Suits - Robert Hare
With Conscience - Robert Hare

The above are available from Amazon

The Mask of Sanity - Hery Cleckley (free download):

Political Ponerology:
The Scientific Study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

by Andrew M. Lobaczewski