If a group of people conspires to seize control of the American Government in order to accomplish an agenda to force an extremist theology on U.S. citizens, a religious belief that views the presidency as a necessary step in advancing "end times," isn't this treason?

We think so.

While the mainstream media has been preoccupied with regurgitating - for the third time this year - discredited assertions about a '60s radical turned esteemed educational professor and Barack Obama, it hasn't given any notice to the extreme branch of Dominionism that Sarah Palin adheres to.

Perhaps the "you betcha'" and "pit bull with lipstick" folksiness veneer makes it hard to accept that Palin is part of a rebel cult aimed at taking control of the U.S. government in the name of advancing Armageddon. It is kind of hard to think of the VP candidate that Republicans touted at the GOP convention with buttons as "The Hottest VP from the Coolest State" as a Manchurian candidate, but who are you going to believe, Palin or the evidence?

If you think BuzzFlash is going off the deep end of conspiracy theories, then watch this smoking gun video. It was put together by the diligent people at who expose the extremist, anti-democracy, anti-Constitutional tyrannical theocracy of the religious far right.

In the video, you will hear about how Palin was recruited at the age of 24 to be a political "warrior" to gain governmental power to assert an authoritarian end-times theocratic state that would rid the land of "non-believers." The credibility of the tape comes from its narrator, Mary Glazier, who is a key sponsor and mentor to Palin, as the Governor has been groomed to seize power as part of a plan of "spiritual warfare." Glazier details the recruitment of Palin in chilling terms and makes pronouncements, such as "There is a tipping point, at which time, because of the sin of the land, the people then have to be displaced."

Again, don't dismiss this as some sort of loony theory, listen and watch the tape. And you might also read some of the great research on Palin's religious background and beliefs at

We've also posted several alarming articles on BuzzFlash, including: "The Irony of Sarah Palin: Her 'Third Wave' Radical Christian Theology"; "By Any Measure, Sarah Palin is a Radical Political and Religious Extremist"; and a must-read interview with Bruce Wilson of, "Sarah Palin's Extremist Religious Beliefs: The Republic is At Risk."

It is important to recognize that the "spiritual warriors" know that they have to use deceptive tactics, including concealing their extremist religious agenda to seize the control of government at every level - and that Sarah Palin is their most charismatic "populist" vehicle for literally taking over the U.S. government and establishing an extremist theocratic, pre-Armageddon state. We are not exaggerating.

In fact, some extreme right-wing religious fanatics have been openly talking of John McCain's death, should McCain and Palin win, which would then allow Palin to implement a "Third Wave" theocracy in the U.S. And, trust us, if you aren't a "believer," things are going to get very ugly.

If you notice, Palin is very careful not to renounce any of the religious extremism that she adheres to. Instead, she gives vague answers that distract from the issue, while not really rejecting the assertions - but she doesn't really have to worry because Sean Hannity is not going to pressure her on the subject.

Palin has mastered the art of appearing like an everyday person in order to appeal to the working class population. The "spiritual warriors" are well aware that they can't attain power by being honest about their goals, so deception is glorified in the name of their "divine" objective of making the U.S. a nation adhering to their fanatical beliefs. (Although Palin did wage her first campaign for mayor on abortion and religious "values" issues, going so far as to demand that her opponent produce a marriage license to prove that he and his wife weren't living in sin because she chose to keep her own name. We're not making this up.)

It's hard to look at Palin and believe that anyone who is so confidently scary stupid could be the chosen one for the practitioners of Biblical Apocalypse.

But the mounting evidence shows that is exactly what she is.