The small Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, in the Eastern side of Holy City of Jerusalem, is facing imminent destruction. Only Yesterday, Sunday, we were warned that this disaster would affect up to 1,500 Palestinian through the destruction of nearly ninety homes and apartment buildings.

We are able to warn you about this impending carnage because it is not a 'natural' disaster which will wreak havoc on these lives, rather a wholly human one. 'Hurricane Israel' is scheduled to make landfall in Silwan in the coming days, and rather create on its rubbles a public park.

Can any of you imagine watching your home, and the homes of your neighbors, torn down in front of you - often with most of your possessions still inside? Can you imagine being made a refugee twice or thrice over - starting your lives again with only the shirts on your back? Can you imagine rebuilding your life with the knowledge that 'Hurricane Israel' could return again at any moment reducing your efforts to shambles?

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine such things from the Europe and the United States, where decency and Human Rights are championed and heralded. Yet here in Palestine, destruction and utter disregard of our lives and dignity is only too common. Many times 'Hurricane Israel' has visited our lives; and if the international community does not begin to take decisive action, this scenario will only be repeated again and again.

The West needs to take a stand in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is our hope that this stand will be based upon the ideals of the EU and UN Charters which aim to protect Human Rights, rather than a stand made upon the short-term economic gains of siding with the Israeli aggressors.

The Holy City, forbidden capital of Palestine, has undergone a process of Judaization for over forty years. This process, aimed at altering the ethnic character of the city in favor of the Jewish population, has taken on many forms: from outright violent expulsion, to redistricting, to the building of the Apartheid Wall and settlements. 'Hurricane Israel' not only destroys Palestinian lives, it leaves in its wake new 'facts on the ground' making it impossible to repair the damage to our lives.

Thankfully, this unnatural disaster soon to be visited upon our people is a wholly preventable one. 'Hurricane Israel' can be diverted, even halted altogether, by Western powers searching for peace and stability in the region.

It is time to intercede on our behalf.
It is time to no longer reward Israel with favored trade relationships and arms sales amidst their ongoing campaign of low-scale ethnic cleansing.
It is time for countries to become meaningfully involved in the peace process for a two-state solution based on justice and international law.
It is time to live up to your ideals as individual Nation States, as a Union and as human beings.

Furthermore, it is now time do all of this soon - before the hurricane strikes again...and again...and again...