Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Today was my favourite kind of day. Not only was I not scheduled for my part-time retail job, I didn't get a call from either temp agency. Time to finish the living room curtains (only been working on them since last April), get some laundry done, stay current with my net groups, make up a really good post for here , answer some mail, and on and on. The multi-tasking thing. In short, the day was full of promise . . . .

Well, it is now the end of the day, and it wasn't a total loss. I got one set of big windows done, and valance of the last one. Some laundry was done (some ironing too!), I'm current with the daily reading,. No mail got answered, and while this IS getting done, it is being wung (past tense of "to wing" :} ) big-time.

I always wonder on days like this which is the better approach.

Usually when I have had a project, like these @$#&#&%$ curtains (we're talkin' seven BIG windows here), it's all I want to do. Or if I'm doing my 'net work, that's what I want to do. Or getting the (also really big) garden ready. Or whatever. Don't want to think about making a new resume, or the cleaning the bathrooms, or dinner or another big project. Just focus on the thing I wanted to get done. "Whoops, 7:30? P.M.? Oh yeah, food. Right, sorry". Things were really bad when I was doing costumes professionally.

Today was mostly wandering from sewing, to chores, to reading, to whatever and back again. Putzing. A lot of areas were advanced, but nothing is Done. Twinges of guilt here. Is this a matter of willpower? Should I feel badly about it? Partly it is not having a deadline. Nothing like an opening night coming up to keep you on track. This is an ex-adrenaline junky talking.

But I had fun today. The lack of deadline was part of the enjoyment. I've had to learn that. To allow things to develop in their own time. Maybe the trick is to find the balance between driving to Achieve the Goal, and the soothing qualities of Putz.

Putzing with Purpose?? (Could be the next self -help book there!)

Blue Ibis

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