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The Dogs That Didn't Bark

This famous phrase was taken from the Sherlock Holmes mystery "Silver Blaze", where the mystery is solved because the perpetrator was known to the guard dogs. They didn't raise the alarm when the murderer struck.

Now, before poor Terry Schindler is consigned to the memory hole, swept away by the never-ending flood of information we drown in every day, I want to ask why dogs that normally bark so dependably in this sordid sort of situation, didn't?


They were perfectly happy to follow ever twist and turn in the Laci Peterson case. Jon Benet Ramsey has been dead for years, and she can still sell out a week's issues. Here was a case with every hook a sleaze rag could hope for: an attractive woman in a "coma", husband and family at odds over the fate of her very life, a mysterious mistress, two children out of wedlock (as he was still married), allegations of abuse with the wife talking divorce with a friend, a juicy insurance litigation with a big settlement, curious and unsavory connections between the local law enforcement agency (Michael worked for them), the insurance company (his mistress' mother works for them) and a cosy relationship with the local judiciary. What's not to love? What among these salacious riches of fact wouldn't be good for at least a years worth of issues?

Yet not a peep. I was watching. No reporters camped out on the doorstep of the mistress, or telephoto pictures of the kids. No breathless reporting of the connections between the insurance company, or leaked photos of Terri's brain scans that might prove abuse. Nothing at all made of the fact that as soon as the settlement came in, Schiavo stopped all therapy for his wife, instead spending it on litigation to thwart her parent's concerns. That at the end he prevented her from receiving communion, the comfort of her faith, even though Terri was a Roman Catholic. He even forbade her parents from being there for her death. Imagine dying in the presence of those who rejoice in it. Who did everything they could to ensure it.

There's even some folks around who are looking at the Nostradamus angle. Check this out:

Quatrain 6,72

Par fureur feinte d'esmotion diuine,
Sera la femme du grand fort violee:
Iuges voulans damner telle doctrine,
Victime au peuple ignorant immolee.

Through feigned fury of divine emotion
The wife of the strong one will be violated:
The judges wishing to condemn such a doctrine,
She is sacrificed a victim to the ignorant people.

Sounds like Terri to me.Her "husband" was emoting all over the place about how much he love his wife, while hypocritically living with another woman. He was certainly "strong"; determined to get his way not matter who he ran rough-shod over. Hell, he defied the whole US gov'mint and got away with it. She was sacrificed to other's purposes, petty and great. You'd think the Tabloids would be all over the Nostrodamus angle at least.

Again, not a peep.


Who did he know? Or, more to the point, who gained from the whole shameful mess playing out as it did?

Steel Magnolia
said it better than I could:

"Buncha ball-less eunuchs, that's what Americans are nowadays.

you will find this:They have done it. They have executed someone via a war crime banned by the Geneva convention right in front of our faces.

Michael Schiavo can now go home to the woman he left Terri for all those years ago and marry her.

Michael Schiavo even had the temerity to deny Terri's parents from being by her bedside right before she died.O'Donnell, one of the family's spiritual advisers, said that her parents and siblings were "begging to be at her bedside..." but are being denied.

Michael Schiavo was Terri's guardian and controlled who may visit her and when.

How obvious now is it to everybody just how much of a monster Michael Schiavo is? I tell ya, if those folks that were standing around praying and crying don't get up a posse and go after that guy then all is lost.

Jeff Rense
wrote about one of the most insightful pieces about this case that I have read so far. He said:

Why is the torture and execution of Terri Schiavo being covered so thoroughly by so many
'alternative media,' mainstream media, and web logs?

Why is this case so different? Why is this case so important?

YES - Killing a single Iraqi or Afghani is every bit as heinous as killing Terri Schiavo and we've covered that issue - and made the point that a life is a life thousands of times.

...And killing a million and a half Iraqis is a million and a half times worse than killing one.

Terri Schindler Schiavo embodies and represents those countless other innocents that
the oil-soaked NWO/neocon/globalists have tortured and slaughtered.

However, this is a *public* execution being carried out at HOME here in
the United States of America - and it is the nwo/globalist/neocon illuminati
telling Americans - and the entire US Congress - that LIFE, liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness is no longer guaranteed under their version of the US

This is murder as a gross instrument of desensitization - not unlike 911 to some degree - also designed to strike the fear into Americans - fear that their very LIVES are no longer sacrosanct.

This murder - and ignoring of what may be multiple correlated felonies - is being staged to shock
Americans to the core and prepare them to accept local, regional and state
decreed death and widespread euthanasia as the new norm. Americans have lost enormous Freedom and Liberty in the last 15 years but they always felt their lives, at least, were secure. That is no longer the case.

If you think George W. Bush's daughters would get the same treatment by the courts, you have
completely disconnected from reality.

No podunk judge, local or Federal would ever DARE stand up to the President, the Congress, the Governor, the various state agencies without knowing he/she was being fully protected.

Too many Americans have been so dumbed down that they cannot connect the dots that it was 8 years AFTER Terri's 'collapse' that her husband remembered that she supposedly said she would never want to live like this.

Many Americans cannot figure out that there might be
something strange with the fact that Mike cut OFF all of Terri's therapy a few
months AFTER he won the $700,000 settlement for TERRI (plus $300,000 for Mike)
that was to have taken the best possible care and rehabilitation of Terri for
the rest of her life - which the jury felt would be at least 50 years.

Many forget that Terri, with therapy, was able to swallow and drink -
until Mike forced a feeding tube to be installed and stopped all therapy.Many
forget that Mike has not even allowed his wife to be taken outside into the
sunshine in over 5 years. The list of other outrages is a long one and has been
amply covered on the internet.

Americans must keep in mind, nothing is done on this scale by accident or happenstance. This is a planned, public execution which is blatantly intended to put the fear of death by the government
into Americans from this day forth.

The public's reaction - your reaction - is being closely watched, tracked and analyzed by the masters of social engineering and mass mind control on their supercomputer models at Tavistock and here in the U.S.

Did you get that most important remark? "No podunk judge, local or Federal would ever DARE stand up to the President, the Congress, the Governor, the various state agencies without knowing he/she was being fully protected."

Think about it. And then think about the consequences - how many of the Far Right Fundies will back George Bush when he seeks absolute power?

Do you really think he couldn't have saved Terri if he had wanted to?

Remember, this is the guy who got as many judges as he needed to help him steal the election, and was able to conspire with his Jewish buddies to kill thousands of people on 9-11, executing a coup d'etat via "legal" means, who has taken this country into bankruptcy, sold us out to the Israelis, and he couldn't save Terri Schiavo?

Remember Paul Wellstone? How do you suppose he died?

Do we really think that George and the Neocons had nothing to do with that? So, certainly, George could have saved Terri if there had been any political capital in her life. But he didn't.


Because there is political capital in her death. Because his hands, and his brother Jeb's hands "were tied by the legal process," it will come about rather soon that the legal process will be subsumed into dictatorial powers.

You can bet on that!"


Well, I wish I didn't have to, but it seems we are careening down that path. Watch for more criticism of the Judiciary branch of the U.S. government, leading to a "restructuring" that allows GB to stack the legal system at every level with more cooperative, "right-thinking" candidates. Or maybe the provision to ignore anything that doesn't suit the White House agenda. Any permutation of this future is a scary one. But hiding your head in the sand won't help. Knowledge is protection. One source is the Signs of the Times. I check it daily as an antidotes to Faux News, CNN and the rest.

What will you do??

Blue Ibis

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