Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Cannes Nomination for Best COINTELPRO Coincidence

goes to (drum roll) . . . . . KARL ROVE!!

It's a proud day for the Signs of the Times Team producer of the Pentagon Strike Flash Video. This ground-breaking flash short, which has been seen by over 500 MILLION people world-wide has been entered in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and will receive very influential screening time. Think Charlie Sheen will have something to say after this??

Here's the listing. (Make sure the display is set to 50 per page.)

But wait!

After four looong years of Freedom of Information Act challenges and countless refusals to release security camera footage of the Pentagon attack (national security, didn'cha know?), our bud Karl suddenly decides that everything's okey-dokey now. We're gonna get to see the film that explains it all. We'd get all twittered about it, except that there's only a few extra frames on each end of the same joke footage that's been available on the 'net for the last four years. There are still missing frames which would have shown the "plane" clearly, and the time stamps are STILL wrong. You'd think they'd have done a better doctoring job with this much time to work on it! And where, oh where Karl, is all the footage from the other (well-documented) camera positions?? Judicial Watch is crowing about getting it all released, but we already knew they were a NeoCon Front.

But hey, you be the judge:

The Pentagon Strike Flash

The U.S. Gov's version

(which they had to get the BBC to shill for them. Pathetic!)

Blue Ibis

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