Saturday, May 06, 2006

Personal Interlude: Funky Eyes

Got relief from a bit of a scare this week.

About two weeks ago, I found myself squeezing my eyes really hard after working on the computer all day (never had a job that needed so much computer time before). I wasn't getting headaches or anything, but they felt funny. I'm already using #1 reading glasses, so I thought maybe as they are Costco off-the-shelf-cheap, they were part of the problem. Note to self: get checkup and maybe something better quality. At some point . . .

For jollies, I tried covering each eye, just to see if there was a difference in vision. I'd seen my husband doing this now and again, before he finally gave in and got reading glasses. The left was fine. The right? Well the right had this darker oval spot, dead centre, and covering half my field of vision. It was like having a tawny, blurry sunglass lens inside the eyeball. I could see objects through it pretty well, but not print. Tres creepy, as with both eyes open I would never notice! :<(

Phoned the eye guy immediately, who couldn't see me for another week.

When I finally got there, he mention fun things like vitreous detachment which is fairly common in my age bracket and up, which could lead to retinal detachment. Both would call for laser surgery (gaaaaah!!!).

Strangely, I didn't report any of the symptions of vitreous detachment, such as floaters, spaghetti-like stringies in your vision, or light flashes. The eye guy couldn't see any of the structures that match that condition either, and I wouldn't let him do a dilation, as I had to go back to work. I left with the injunction that if it got any worse, I was call his office and take myself immediately to an emergency room. This is where you can scare yourself really good with internet research, because from vitreous detatchment I moved on to macular degeneration and other true horrors. Vision is a lot more fragile than we think.

Off today to a specialist who actually sees people on Saturday. The specialist really knew his stuff, with surgical qualifications up the wazoo. Dilation drops in, he checked all around with the different hi-tech penlights, some of which used different frequencies, as I saw them changing color. Finally he says that he doesn't think it's a structural failure sort of thing, but that I have had some fluid (?) leak in front of the retina. This condition apparently tends to correct itself as the fluid is reabsorbed. I had thought the boundries of the fuzzy area were getting smaller and more defined, but was afraid it was wishful thinking. He still wants so send me to the eye clinic at one of the local hospitals for some sort of photograph which will give a detailed image of exactly what is going on.

Goddess bless the health care system here. The exam I had today would have been several hundred dollars, and who know how much the next one would have been. I don't know how people manage in the States. Mostly I guess they don't.

I'm to call Monday for the appt time (his office makes it). I'll post again with the results. The dilation process is interesting. I didn't really perceive much difference in the amount of light I was taking in. I could still read, though it took a little effort. But looking in the mirror it was, whoa mama, Borg Queen time! Nobody's pupils should be that big.

Speaking of Borg Queens, the new book from Red Pill Press called Political Ponerology is a must read. It describes how such systems can arise and how they sustain themselves. Instead of calling it the Hive, we call it Nazi Germany, or Soviet Union, and currently, the US. If you want to make some sense out of the "senseless" decisions you see being made around you. There's logic there but it's pathocrat logic, not the logic of normal people. I totally recommend it.

Knowledge Protects.

Blue Ibis


Shar said...

Hope you get the eye thing cleared up! I hate having my eyes dilated, they get real sensitive to light and everything gets all blurry...I'm a high risk for detatched retinas and have had some of the stuff done that you describe.

Good luck!

Blue Ibis said...

Hi Shar,

Thanks for the good wishes. The funny thing about the dilation was that I couldn't tell much difference in the light etc. That's why looking in the mirror was so surprising.

I've been using a rebounder, as it is supposed to buck up your lymphatic system, which may help speed up the absorption of the fluid. It also gets the heart rate up in record time. Much better than a tread mill!

Blue Ibis