Friday, September 07, 2007

More Government Hypocrisy

Here's the opposite goal of the PTB. Rather than trying to save us from "harmful" substances like nicotine they give blessing and free rein to Big Pharma and Big "Food" to push the most pernicious crap masquarading as nutrition. Health time bombs, nothing less. It's ironic really, getting rid of the "useless eaters" (google that one folks) with "food". And there's nary a shred of guilt that most of the marketing is done directly to kids. Disgusting.

Blue Ibis

Fattening Up America

ABC News
2007-09-02 16:48:00

66% of Americans are overweight. Almost one third are obese. Peter Jenning's report reveals the US government's deliberate policy of pushing unhealthy and fattening foods on the American population.

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