Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who Needs Enemies?

If you want to understand this at a local level, imagine the Neighbor From Hell cheerfully setting up an RV in your backyard without asking, only with power over your job and your health, and plenty of guns. That's the US.

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Oscar Heck
Tue, 18 Sep 2007 17:30 EDT

Some people may not like what I am about to write ... I'm reading the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report for Congress (Venezuela: Political Conditions and U.S. Policy - updated September 4, 2007) which is prepared for members and committees of the US Congress.

Through the following weeks. I may address specific issues held within this compilation (47 pages) ... but, for now, I would like to bring up a recurrent theme which is found through most of the document ... a theme which clearly shows the degree of arrogance on the part of the US government.

With regard to this arrogance, I would like to re-emphasize that it is not only evident within US government spheres but stretches through almost every fiber of US society.

Most people outside the USA are fully aware of this arrogance, and its symptoms ... in general, they are loud and obnoxious, they make little effort to speak any language other than English whilst abroad, they think they are the best in the world, they're quite ignorant, they look down on others as if others were lesser beings, they trample and deceive to make profits and they invade countries to steal their resources, killing and maiming millions of innocent people in the process.

No one can argue that this is the general perception of Americans outside the USA, at least in most countries, perhaps with the exception of English Canada (about 80% of Canada) and portions of Europe and/or Australia. I have traveled to 34 countries (never as a tourist) and worked in and/or lived in 12 ... and in the vast majority of these countries, the majority of citizens have little or no respect for Americans, let alone admiration or envy.

This is not USA-bashing ... this is a reality.

These are the countries I have been to: Canada, USA, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad, England, Scotland, Whales, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Malaysia, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and the Sudan. After my experience at the Gulf War (1991), after having witnessed first hand the atrocities committed by the US military, I made a point of asking people's opinions about the USA everywhere I traveled.

(Before the Gulf War I was oblivious, having done substantial amounts of work in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Alabama, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas, Maine, Michigan, and Wisconsin.)

With few exceptions, the answer was always the same ... we dislike or hate the Americans.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because the Americans continue to poke their noses all over the place, as if they are the kings of the universe, telling countries what they should or should not do, putting up embargos if they don't comply, bullying everyone they can ... and plundering as many natural resources as possible at the expense of the local citizenry, for profit, always for profit.

The CRS report about Venezuela is rife with such arrogance, as if Venezuela must follow what the USA says. Venezuela should not listen to the USA. The USA should shut up and stay home. They should leave the world alone ... and leave Venezuela alone. Venezuela, or any other country for that matter, is none of the USA's business.

The Americans wonder why they are so hated?

Not long ago, one VHeadline.com writer, an American, quit writing for VHeadline.com because I spoke too much against the USA. I don't understand, and I never did. Why? I write against the USA and its people for obvious reasons ... the USA has indeed invaded Iraq, the USA did drop the atomic bomb, the USA did kill and maim millions of innocent people in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq ... and many more places ... and it takes people to commit these crimes ... and they happen to be American.

(Hey, if I were a serial killer, should I expect to be respected, liked or loved by everyone around me? Certainly not! It is obvious to me.)

The Americans are disliked by most people in this world. This is the truth. It is not my opinion ... although I do feel the same as most people feel about the Americans.

I don't understand ... Americans, besides having led so many criminal wars, are in general, arrogant, loud, condescending and ignorant. This is a fact, not an insult. Think of it this way. If the USA stayed out of the affairs of others, then people throughout the world would probably tolerate Americans and perhaps even accept them and like them. But this is not the case. The USA has over 500 military bases (plus lots of military and CIA operations) throughout the world. What are they doing in other people's yards? Generally speaking, they have not been invited, they've bullied their way in ... like a lousy and obnoxious neighbor that one is too afraid to confront because he has lots of big guns.

My point is simple. The people of the USA need to know how much they are disliked ... they need to tell their government to butt out of everyone's business. It isn't their business. This is the truth.

Now, the only world leader who has the courage to tell the USA to butt out is Chavez ... and what happens? The USA increasingly tries to meddle with Venezuela. I guess the Americans just don't get it, do they? Nobody asked you to stick your nose into Venezuela's business ... well, that isn't exact right ... some Venezuelans have asked the USA to get involved, a small gang of them, mostly the Venezuelan elite who found themselves losing their highly-corrupt monopoly on Venezuela ... the same people who have for decades been co-collaborators in US big business and exploitation in Venezuela.

Wait, maybe I should put it this way, Americans are not welcome. Stay home.

I will keep on repeating this until the USA pulls out all its military, police and CIA people from all countries of the world ... but that ain't gonna happen ... so I will keep on repeating it over and over ... not as and insult to Americans ... but as a wake up call to reality.

People of the USA, wake up!

Well, actually, for all I care, keep on day-dreaming, remain arrogant and ignorant and let your government lead you down a dark blind alley ... but ... leave Venezuela alone! ... and tell your Congress to leave Venezuela alone. It ain't any of your beeswax.

* I think it's about time that the Venezuelan government kicks out all US diplomatic people and shuts down the US embassy in Caracas permanently.

And if any other country (Canada, for example, which is now following in the USA's footsteps) decides to meddle with Venezuela, shut their embassies too.

It's time to stand up to the big-bully neighbors with the big guns!

Oscar Heck

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